About WLG

Woodward Law Group, PLLC, provides effective and reasonable solutions for individuals and businesses in need of legal assistance. Serving clients, facilitating commerce and ensuring equal access to the law are the bedrock principles of Woodward Law Group. We are here to help protect your rights and advance your vision.

Adam Sabree

Attorney at Law

Adam Sabree, a lifelong Detroiter, dedicates himself to advocating for his clients. He has worked in both the private and the governmental sector.

Before starting Woodward Law Group, Sabree worked as in-house counsel for a property company with a portfolio of 500+ homes in Detroit. Adam has worked for several governmental entities and clinics, where he provided legal representation to the in fields of criminal law, civil defense, real estate, and probate.

After working as an attorney at Wayne County Corporation Counsel, Adam re-opened Woodward Law Group to make his expertise more widely available to the people. Adam attended Renaissance High School in Detroit. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing, while playing basketball at Caldwell University, then earned his Juris Doctorate at Michigan State University College of Law.