Business Development

Good contracts are a critical element to a successful business. Allow us to assist.

Starting Your Business

No one needs expert legal advice and representation more than entrepreneurs. At the Woodward Law Group, we seek to fully understand the needs and intricacies of our clients’ industries and focus on providing the exact right tools for success. Corporations, limited liability corporations, and partnerships are just some of the legal devices entrepreneurs can create to ensure they minimize their tax burden, limit personal liability and take advantage of the opportunities the market and governmental programs and regulations provide.

Business start services at the Woodward Law Group include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing the legal steps necessary for starting your business
  • Preparing forms for business organization
  • Developing key elements of your business plan
  • Establishing compliance with federal, state & local regulations
  • Providing legal advice related to the basics of management, hiring & marketing

Business Development

Whether its contract drafting or review, Woodward Law Group is here for businesses, artists, athletes and everyone aspiring to it who need either sophisticated negotiating ability or to understand the risks, duties, nuances and opportunities inherent in the contracts they sign.

Ready to elevate your business?