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Real Estate Services

Real estate law isn’t limited to buying and selling land. Rather, landlords and tenants, homeowners, small businesses, developers, potential investors, and other commercial clients may all, from time to time, need legal advice and representation.

Woodward Law Group provides the expert advice and representation needed to both negotiate complex transactions and deal with recurring legal issues. No issue is too small or obscure that you should be denied the full benefit of the law. Whether its simplifying a process, minimizing time and expense, or going to bat for you against government for overcharging or overassessing your property, Woodward Law Group is here to obtain the positive results you want.

Woodward Law Group provides legal services, representation and advice on issues including, but not limited to:

  • Deed Drafting
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Blight Violation Defense
  • Land Bank Compliance
  • Property Tax Payment Plans
  • Property Tax Challenges/Appeals
  • Land Use Planning & Zoning
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements & Closings
  • HUD & Other Governmental Compliance
  • Property Title & Records Search
  • Landlord & Tenant Issues

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